If we can use an analogy of being ill to show what we do, we think that could work well.

When you’re feeling ill, many people “google” their symptoms. If you have acid stomach, a racking cough, swollen tonsils, you will try to find treatments from an online search.

This may yield suggestions like take an antacid; avoid eating late, cut down on smoking, spicy foods and alcohol for reflux.

You try all these and symptoms improve – but you then realise you need a proper diagnosis. You book a doctor’s appointment.

The doctor takes your temperature, inspects your throat, recommends an endoscopy and you wait.

The local hospital sees you and your scarred oesophagus and the camera reveals tissue damage and you’re prescribed Omeprazole with a new dietary and exercise regime.


You didn’t click the title and photo to read all about acid reflux – or perhaps you did?

But there is a real correlation between what we do, at Darren’s Drains, and what a medical professional would do.

If your drains are blocked, we don’t simply pour some cleaning fluid down and cross our fingers, pray and hope.

We actually diagnose what is causing the issue – via camera – not down your throat, but down your drain.

We look at what is creating the blockage, clear it and recheck that it is fine with another CCTV survey.

This means you won’t be calling us in a month’s time with a blocked drain as we sort everything out correctly, the first time.

Just as your course of Omeprazole, dietary advice will help cure your acid throat, Darren’s actions and advice will solve your’s.

We cover Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk and grabbing an appointment is easier than booking one at the N and N, or Paget.

Call, email, message us on social media and let this Norwich drainage expert cure your plumbing equivalent of acid reflux.

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