There’s no doubt that technology has been of great benefit to society as a whole. Can you remember life before the internet? They may have been more innocent times for sure, but would you ever revert to days of 2G and dial up Internet (or none).

We’re not here though to go on a nostalgia trip or anticipate the arrival of 5G, but to show how technology benefits our many services:

Drain unblocking

Drain clearance

Drain jetting

Drain relining

CCTV Surveys

Firstly though think about the technology of how we are contacted – much of our work comes from Google searches for Drainage Services Norwich or Drainage Repairs Norfolk or Suffolk and we’re glad people find us.

Social media is also another technological factor with our Facebook page seeing daily posts and weekly boosts to spread the word about what we do and what people think of us in terms of reviews.

30 years ago, our marketing would’ve been restricted to a wrapped works van, emblazoned with Darren’s Drains, a slot in Thomson Local and Yellow Pages when search was carried out via print directories.

It’s similar progression with contacting a company.

You wouldn’t have been able to email us decades ago; your only option was to ring the office and hope someone answered or called back.

You can now call a mobile, text or WhatsApp us, email, send a Facebook message, a DM on Twitter so that you know your needs are attended to quickly.

Other drain technology

You can then contact us with ease, and you can be assured that we use the latest technology which you may have seen on this website and social media feeds.

The days of simply rodding a drain and hoping that it unblocks are over. We use CCTV technology to diagnose issues, which we then fix, using CCTV again to ensure the problem is solved.


About a month ago, we were called to a new build property in Bradwell, Great Yarmouth, where the downstairs toilet was blocked. After checking it on camera and fixing the issue, it became clear that the blockage was being caused by a structural defect. The drain wasn’t correctly installed and a back up of waste was being created.

We fixed the issue, but instead of just walking away, we recommended that the homeowner contact the builder to get this resolved as it is an issue that will recur.

If you have blocked toilets, blocked baths and showers, drainage issues across Norfolk and Suffolk, contact us at anytime.

You will then see the wonderful video footage of your blocked drains and be left with a long term solution to prevent their recurrence.

Contact us here.

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