Norfolk and Suffolk has some of the driest weather in the UK and yet.

September and October 2020 seems to have had heavy rain daily. Biblical rain. I’ve often wondered travelling around daily whether to abandon the van for a hovercraft (designed in Somerleyton) or an ark.

What it has meant though is there seems to be more blocked drains in Norfolk and Suffolk.

I think too that as well as heavy rain, Covid 19 has made people stay at home more. Don’t forget either that schools closed in March until September so toilets, showers, baths and sinks were used much more than in normal circumstances.

Darren’s Drains has had a busy few months since lockdown – working on the old Pontin’s at Hemsby ready for its redevelopment, several visits to Cherry Tree holiday park in Burgh Castle and numerous call outs for blocked drains etc across East Anglia.

What we do though is unclear blocked drains and diagnose what’s caused it. Sometimes a drain has been installed incorrectly – with no camber for toilet water to flow down.

Other times it’s caused by blockages – wet wipes should never go down a loo, or a build up of human waste and toilet paper.

What Darren does is:

+ Inspect the blocked drain with CCTV

+ Clear it with jetting

+ Inspect the cleared drain and make recommendations to stop it happening again

If you’re suffering from blocked drains Norfolk or Suffolk, contact Darren today.

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